Small condo associations - How to Appoint New Directors or Trustees

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17 February, 2019 By Scott Wolf

So, you just purchased in a small exiting association and wish to become a recorded Trustee or Director and have the previous seller removed. 

The most inexpensive way to do it would be to go to the Registry of Deeds for your location and search documents to find an Appointment form - one you can copy.  Most registry information can be obtained online.  I would search the book and page for your current documents to see if there is a previous appointment and resignation form since it will make the process of copying a bit easier. 


Another more traditional route would be to hire a condominium attorney to provide the form for you.  This should be provided for a flat fee.  Being a small association it is particularly important to be affiliated with a Condominium specific attorney to assist you with collections and other issues that may arise in the operation of the trust. 

If a bank account is not open already, you will need to obtain a tax ID number for the association prior to the bank opening the account.  Otherwise you would have to open the account under one of the Trustees social security numbers.  This is NOT advisable for many reasons.  Unless someone on the Board is familiar with obtaining tax ids, it would be advisable to hire an attorney. 

Management companies are not always an option for small associations that feel they can not afford the management fees based on their budget.  Sometimes they find out that they can afford and will benefit from these services.  Certain management companies will also offer consultation on specific issues that a Board is having for a set fee.  Condominium Attorney's are always your best resource. 

Written by

Scott Wolf

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