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Being a volunteer Board member could be the toughest non-paying job around. What makes it even more difficult is when you don’t receive the information you need to run the community. We hear it all the time “we don’t get financial reports”, “our financial reports are not accurate” and “no one gets back to us to answer our accounting questions”. Whether you hired a manager or a volunteer at your self-managed community is trying to help - it is frustrating not to get reliable financial information. What’s worse is you have a gnawing fear that the association could lose money due to poor collection practices or even fraud. If you are thinking It shouldn’t be so hard and time consuming to keep your financials under control with the tools available today we couldn’t agree more. We provide the latest online tools that increase transparency, reduce the time to do board work and give unit owners the latest features like online payment and a web portal to get information 24/7. We collect association funds, pay bills, provide monthly financial reports and offer a host of mailing and administrative support services that save approximately 60% of the work of operating a community. Our Service Helps Boards: - Self-manage their community with 60% less work - Become self-managed and save a bundle versus the cost of “full management” - Avoid mistrust and fraud - Enjoy the stress free lifestyle community associations are supposed to provide So if you want to become liberated from over 60% of the work of community business, have peace of mind that association funds are safe and finances correct and become appreciated by your neighbor for improving their community experience request a quote OR schedule a call to discuss your community by visiting We service condo communities and home owner associations (HOAs) nationwide.

How Community Financials Helps HOAs and Condos with Financial Management


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  • Online Owner Payments
  • Online Portal for Owners To View Community Documents
  • Online Bill Review & Approval for Board Members
  • Great Communication


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Awesome Company

I'm currently the HOA Board of Director's Vice President of a 76 unit HOA and Community Financials helped get our community's financial reporting in shape. Basically they had nothing to start with because of our previous management company's lack of organizational skills. They quickly worked to get us the financial reports we needed. On-boarding was fast and easy, provided super responsive service, and I liked their online system for approving bills that help with controlling expenses. It was not at all the usual experience I have had with previous management company's accounting services. Russell and his staff were very professional and easy to work with. I would encourage any HOA board who would like their financial reports to be transparent to use Community Financials. I will continue to recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks for all you do! Karen Snider

June 2019

Thank you Karen! We appreciate the opportunity to help your board and community be more informed.

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