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Discrimination? What do you think? Common Areas

Not much you can do unless you want to hire an expensive attorney to review all the docs and sue in court if anything does not look right. Probably not worth it at this point.

30 Dec 2019

HOA Bank Account Finance

It needs to be a commercial/business account opened in the name of the HOA, and the person designated as the treasurer should have sole access to it. 

30 Dec 2019

condo increase Finance

large increases should NOT be happening.  There should be a reserve fund to cover any large expenses.  Money should be set aside monthly for this.  for example, the fee is 100/month. 10 per month goes into the rese (more)

18 Dec 2019

Liability of owners doing work on common areas Common Areas

I think anyone can sue for anything so you should consider anything happening on common grounds to be a liablility.  As mentioned, a lawyer can help but maybe your insurer can help, too.

05 Dec 2019