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limits on condo board applications Sylvania Ohio Meet/Vote/Elect

yoru documents should list the nomination process...what does it say?

20 Sep 2019

Real estate and Hoa Rules/Regs/Law

Why should that be a problem. I don't see a conflict.

20 Sep 2019

management company advertising realestate service on condo mailings to owners Management

Like you, I would be quite anoyed. That said, I think it would make a difference on how it was done, which you did not indicate.  What I mean is, if it is just their name on a shared letterhead I think is is reasonable. The (more)

20 Sep 2019

Can a homeowner request a different annual HOA meeting day in order to be able to attend? Meet/Vote/Elect

Yes, it is a very small community, (only 11 in the HOA), and thank you both for your thoughts.

13 Sep 2019