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By law chart Rules/Regs/Law

    The chart by law of 1978 is it always legal for 2019.      

09 Apr 2019

When the board can force member to sell your own condo Rules/Regs/Law

Our board  is new since 2 years and noboby have follow  course for administration of our condo asssociation .   Its normarl in this case.

09 Apr 2019

Election to Condo Board Rules/Regs/Law

Unit owner should abstain from vote on any item they have conflict/interest in.

08 Apr 2019

Condo owner who is a danger to himself and others. Neighbors/Renters

After 90 days, you should have started legal lien foreclosure on unpaid condo fees.  Do it immediately!  In FL should banks/mortgage companies are only obligated to pay 12 months back condo fees - that may very wel (more)

08 Apr 2019

Who can be board President Meet/Vote/Elect

That all depends on how "member" is defined in your governing documents as well as what the Bylaws mandate re the composition of the board.  If your docs allow a tenant to be a member (and therefore be the one that (more)

08 Apr 2019