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Can a homeowner request a different annual HOA meeting day in order to be able to attend? Meet/Vote/Elect

Yes, it is a very small community, (only 11 in the HOA), and thank you both for your thoughts.

13 Sep 2019

Real estate and Hoa Rules/Regs/Law

I dont see a problem with it.  The HOA isn't paying anything or making any profit other than any normal membership fee they would get with any sale.  The resident realtor would be more vested in selling at the best (more)

17 Aug 2019

About Smoking in common area's Common Areas

many others, like me, feel thaty you are rude and inconsiderate of neighbors to smoke at think it would not be a problem for your neighbors is ignorant.......shows a complete lack of judgement.....smokers need to at leas (more)

15 Aug 2019

High Efficiency Boilers Other

    **hasn't any condo replaced convenrional boilers with high efficiency.  Please, I need some inut here. 

30 Jun 2019

insurance Who's Responsible?

The governing documents should list what the common elements are and who is responsible. In some cases I've  seen the lower unit is responsible for water damage caused by upper unit unless a "act" or &q (more)

15 Jun 2019