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insurance Who's Responsible?

The governing documents should list what the common elements are and who is responsible. In some cases I've  seen the lower unit is responsible for water damage caused by upper unit unless a "act" or &q (more)

15 Jun 2019

insurance claims for fla Hurricane roof damage Damage/Repairs

the claim is completely truthful and I have had these roofs inspected by 3 different sources -  roofing companies - to make the evaluation.   Looking at these agreements - they are a transfer of benefit meaning the (more)

13 Jun 2019

Board members not following rules Neighbors/Renters

Your management company should be enforcing the rules --- equally for all.  A condo association is a business not a social club.  If someone was parked in your reserved sport they should have been towed.  Hold on t (more)

28 May 2019

Structural damage Damage/Repairs

In our COA - the garages are Limited Common Property and are repaired by the condo association --- so could be a long slow process.  If that much damage was done the neighbor's vehicle should also be damaged.  That (more)

28 May 2019

Toilet leak from upstairs leads to huge repair bill Who's Responsible?

Thank you all for giving me advices. I have the latest update ---   The other party's insurance agreed to be liable, however, only for the part that my insurance is pursuing. But the HOA bill is way bigger than t (more)

15 May 2019