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About Smoking in common area's

Evidently another unit owner was chain smoking on the balcony next to windows open in the unit next door. This caused a vote to banish all smoking outside on our porches. Although I realize this is common area, I do not smoke when others are present and this is why I go outside. It seems invasive to tell me I cannot smoke directly outside my unit on my porch when there is no-one else around.

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01 Aug 2019

you are so ignorant.  smoke goes through walls/ or closed...inside or out.


what is someone wasn't in your sight line, but walked up as soon as you lit up?  the fumes linger.


i realize you have an addiction, but you at least need to be cognizant of how it affects others and do your best to reduce the threat.


it is invasive to others for you to smoke anywhere.

01 Aug 2019

The idea was to understand how others feel about this and to understand different points of view.  I truly believe this makes me more than ignorant.  Thank you for your rude opinion, of which of course you are entitled to. 

15 Aug 2019

many others, like me, feel thaty you are rude and inconsiderate of neighbors to smoke at think it would not be a problem for your neighbors is ignorant.......shows a complete lack of judgement.....smokers need to at least understand that no matter what steps they take to try to limit smoke, it does choke the neighbors....


15 Aug 2019