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Board members not following rules

We have an original board member who refuses to follow the rules along with their friends. They feel since they own, they do not have any rules to follow. So far they parked in my spot, and left me a not stating that " in case you need this for T.P." when I left the visitor a very nice note stating please park in visitor parking, this spot is assigned. She has also sent the entire community (owners and board members) an email pretty much stating that I am a mean neighbor. This same neighbor butts in when to my issues to defend her friend. The only other option I see in this matter is mediator. The management company has stated that I was in my right to leave the note and report the incident but they will not get involved with disagreements with neighbors. I totally understand this. That is not their business. This condo was self managed for year. She continues to spread her lies to help her cause while I have said nothing. If someone doesn't like another neighbor or board member for no reason not sure what can be done. I believe that she wants me off the board and trying to force me to sell. The group has done this before to section eight renters because they didn't belong.

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Your management company should be enforcing the rules --- equally for all.  A condo association is a business not a social club.  If someone was parked in your reserved sport they should have been towed.  Hold on to the email - that's cyber bulling.

28 May 2019