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Can a homeowner request a different annual HOA meeting day in order to be able to attend?

Hi, Our HOA Board (in California) sent out the date of our annual HOA meeting, yet I can not attend on that night due to a required work function. However, I really want to attend since we only meet once a year; we are voting in a new Board and voting on a couple other important decisions. Do I, as one of the homeowners, have the right, with ample advance notice of 1. 5 weeks or more to the Board/HOA, to ask for a different meeting day within that same week or the following week? And, does the Board have to change the date if a homeowner requests it? (I do not want to simply vote via proxy.) Thank you for your insights~

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There's usually a lot planning that goes into the Annual Meetings so it's unlikely they will change the date for one person (unless your presence is required for a quorum).  You can always ask, but they are under no obligation to make the change.   Good luck!

05 Sep 2019

are you serious?  unless it is a very small community, that is not happending...they change it for you, then the next person needs the new date changed for them, etc.

now, if you want to 'find' a religion that night happens to be your sabbath (exceptions allowed for work requirements), maybe you can get away with that...

05 Sep 2019

Yes, it is a very small community, (only 11 in the HOA), and thank you both for your thoughts.

13 Sep 2019