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Crossed Plumbing in Massachusetts

I bought my Condo Unit in 1993. I did not become aware until a few years later that my units boiler was paying for the entire common storage and laundry area in my building which has only 2 units out of 5 total. The Cost and logistics of finding and separating the plumbing all within finished walls, makes the task near impossible. I was told in my best financial interest to leave it as is and suck up of the extra cost . and because also gosome t residual heat from this finished basement common s area since my unit is directly above and adjacent to. fast forward, the unit owner above me installed a new boiler in this common area with a Fan in the Can that now draws in outside air into this finished heated space making it freezing in winter and extra humid when raining. She did this without warning.  My heating bill has now escalated and the noise does not allow us to sleep and Im afraid of mold risk. Ive complained yet The Trustees (none of which live in my building) refuse to address the issue telling me its my problem. The Town says its not right but it is also not unsafe so they cant condemn it" the Condo should address it. "I attempted to get partially reimbursed from the Condo Association a percentage of my heating bill for past several years  and lost in small claims court. I had no attorney. I don't know why I lost. Perhaps I need to sue the other unit owner in my building and not the Condo Trust or because of Statutes of limitation or because I included other expenses I wanted reimbursement for that were old.   This is not common area I have exclusive use to. there is an electricand water meter  room, a boiler room, and laundry room,  (that only I use because all other units have their own hook-ups-  I cannot hook up in my unit because no access to main drain)  Condo docs say its Common area.  what can you tell me?

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