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Discrimination? What do you think?

Own in an 8 unit association, 4 units upper, 4 lower. I am, unfortunately, a lower unit. The 4 upper units all wanted private balconies. Everyone but me thought it was a great idea. These 4 units needed to take common area for their deck supports as well as tie into the columns that hold up the small roof overhang. There is a long front porch that spans the length of the building. These balonies are under that roof and one is off the side of the building. I have requested my own private space and was told no because the space I need is common area and would impede people walking the span of the front porch. There are 3 walkways, one for each set of doors so nobody would be blocked in. They simply do not want to grant this private space to me. I have had for different realtors appraise my unit since these balconies went up and each feels that my unit, as well as the other lower units, were devalued by $75,000 because of these balconies and our lack of any private space. Is this not discrimination? How can 4 people simply take common area as their own (because they changed the bylaws to state that they own those balconies, they are not common area and they are solely responsible for their maintenance/upkeep) and when I ask for private space I am told no. Do I have any legal recourse here? I can't even afford to sell my place now because of this financial hit! Thanks

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Not much you can do unless you want to hire an expensive attorney to review all the docs and sue in court if anything does not look right. Probably not worth it at this point.

30 Dec 2019