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Drainage on common area to retention pond

When our development was developed there were retention ponds put in to catch runoff. We had an area designated behind our house as common area which we have maintained for over 12 years. We had to run some extra lines from our gutters further out from out building and now find out the area was transferred to another HOA within our PUD. They are furious that we crossed their line (not intentionally) to put in underground drainage tubing which we buried and replaced all the sod, seeding and fertilized. We apologized and offered to move them back within our yard but they have now hired a lawyer. So frustrated. It is common area which we have maintained wtihout any comment or claim until this incident. Anyone else had this issue. We put caps on the ends of drains to disburse the watere so it would not form any kind of gullly. The common area goes to the retention pond.

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No big deal. The lawyer may write you a letter, or may tell them to let you remove it. In either case tell them that if they give you a hard time about it, that you will insist that they maintain the area at their expense. Also tell them that if you remove it, then your water will dump into that area so it ends up in the same place.

03 Apr 2019