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Effective Date of New BOD Member Term

Our 17-unit condo association traditionally held the annual meeting in October where new BOD member was elected to 3-year term. This term would be effective as of Jan. 1. Over time the annual meeting has been pushed back to the July/August timeframe but retained the practice of new BOD member’s term being effective as of Jan. 1. This seems like a long time for the new BOD member to “sit on the sidelines”, so I checked our condo Bylaws. There are 3 references to when a new BOD member’s term begins. (1) A Director shall serve until his successor is elected and qualified. (2) In the case of a vacancy “each person so elected shall be a member of the Board for the remainder of the term of the member so removed and until a successor shall be elected at the next annual meeting of the Unit Owners.” (3) The first meeting (referred to as organizational mtg) of the members of the Board following the annual meeting of the Unit Owners shall be held within ten days thereafter” Based on the Bylaws, do new BOD terms begin immediately following the Annual Meeting at which they were elected versus at beginning of next year?

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