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Election to Condo Board

Can a unit owner who is suing the building for mold damage seek election and serve on the Condo Board

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Why wouldn’t they be eligible?

08 Apr 2019

Yes, of course they can.  

08 Apr 2019

They may certainly run to serve on the board.

08 Apr 2019

There may be a moral-ethical reason to question a candidate for a board position. Being on a board creates somewhat of a conflict of interest as a director is more likely in a position to influence the decision process - even if the board member recluses their own involvement, this in the real world does not keep the director from a potentially compromising situation where the board must pronounce on how it will address an alleged violation. The proper action in this case is to resign from the board or not seek election until the legal matter is resolved. 

08 Apr 2019


Why would you state they or anyone should resign?  If the HOA members are not compromised then why leave? "Real World" ?????---- EVERY HUMAN BEING IS COMPROMISED IN ANY AND ALL BUSINESS ENDEAVORS....The issues isnt being "compromised" it's about getting the issue resolved....

Every Owner has the rught to bring legal action if the HOA Board or Management Company FAILS to ACT. 

Why would a Board member not be able to bring the same action, if as an OWNER he or she sees a situation that is not being addressed by the Board... And there should be NO secrets in an HOA, if I as an Owner want to see every piece of paper every used or paid for by my dues/reserves, then my Board better PRODUCE THEM forthwith, or they will be sued.  The Governing Documents and House Rules address these matters as well as state statutes, rules and regulations......

I know this first hand as the Board President/Chairman for the last 7 years and residing and owning rental properties for 27 yrs...... NO Board member should be "pressured" "prodded" to resign. Stay within the Documents and thats that....... As I have stated many times: Board's come and go.....Your Governing Documents STAY!......\


08 Apr 2019

Unit owner should abstain from vote on any item they have conflict/interest in.

08 Apr 2019