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insurance claims for fla Hurricane roof damage

Having a roof evaluation done to determine the damage of the wind to our roofing. Using credible and local roofing companies who have served our community for decades. If our damage is over the 25% mark - some Board members feel that submitting a claim for insurance is fraudulent. Some feel that our 13 year old roofs may have been done with inferior product or labor which may be the cause for the high level of repairs we are doing now . Hardly any repairs were done prior to Irma - and since then we have had continual leakage and roofers are claiming it is Hurricane life. Any experience or opinions out there on this subject?

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Why would submitting a claim be fradulent? Most that can happen is it would be denied.

12 Jun 2019

as long as the claim is fully truthful its not fraudulent.  but if damages are fakes or exaggerated, it is fraud

12 Jun 2019

the claim is completely truthful and I have had these roofs inspected by 3 different sources -  roofing companies - to make the evaluation.   Looking at these agreements - they are a transfer of benefit meaning the roofing company gets your insurance payout - and that pays the roofing costs.   Im now working with an attorney to review this agreement -  anyone have experience with this?

13 Jun 2019