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Ring videos being put on internet of owners going to trash in common hall.

I was taped by HOA Secretary’s door ring. She & HOA President put the video on the Internet. It was 10:39 pm I had on a caftan & my hair in curlers. It was embarrassing & a violation of my privacy. I was slandered, attacked as video was put allover social media by directorship. Is there recourse?

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it was an act of bullying with malice & intimidation•

06 Apr 2019

1st of all, you need to assume you are always under video surveillance.  You need to protect yourself.  If you have a problem being filmed in curlers and a caftan....don't go out your door like that. You were in a common area, there is no expectation of privacy.  legally, it is not a privacy violation, although morally it is.  Other than posting he video, how were you slandered?  did they make derogatory comments?  It is bullying, but unless you can get a new board in that will parent other residents, the only thing you can do is move.

06 Apr 2019

why did the Ring device video you?  Did you pass close enough to set it off?  Did the Secretary deliberately post the video to the internet or is her device set to post all videos it takes?

08 Apr 2019

in a hallway, anyone walking past should be in range of the device.  from what I have seen, the devices have picked up people walking on sidewalks in single family homes. can they run continuously? 

08 Apr 2019

Learn the Privacy laws in your jurisdiction.

I am Canadian, and I can tell you that in Alberta this would be illegal.

The Alberta Privacy Commission has very strict rules on video surveillance (there has to be signs so that everyone knows that they could be filmed). Secondly, the video should not have been posted to the internet. If it is for security, than there is no reason to embrass a neighbor 1. not approaching that specific residence, 2. not committing a criminal act.

There is also the distiction that person use is different from Condo Corporation use. In Alberta, the Condo Corporation, if they have cameras must have the policy in writting (including why the camera is there, when it will be viewed, who will have access to view it, how long video will be kept and how and when video will be distroyed) and the written police must be avaliable to be provided to anyone who asks for it (residents, owners, delivery people, care providers - nannies, house keepers, cleaners, maintenance providers, home care nurses, grounds keepers, etc).

Because the is a Condo Board Member there is a conflict of interest. Where they acting as a Board Member or a resident. Was this to intimidate residents or personal security? Is this a tool for the entire Board or just her? I would speak to a lawyer, and go after the Board itself, depending on the laws in your State(?) or Federal law(?)

This neighbor has told you who they are (mean, jerks), believe them. You do not have to say anything to other in the building, but I would not be voting for them to be on the Board again.

08 Apr 2019