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tree trimming

Does the HOA require the permission of the homeowner to trim and or remove trees on the owner's property?

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Highly unlikely to happen. In most situations the 'owners' property is the dwelling itself period.  In many cases an area of 3 to 5 feet around the perimeter is made available for personal gardening but certainly no trees should be planted that close to the foundations.

Now if you are speaking of bushes planted within your allowed gardening space it would probably depend on whether or you planted them or they were HOA owned. In my association all front units have evergreen bushes which the association trims and sometimes removes, and in such case we would replace the bush.  But if an owner is granted permission to tear out association owned bushes in favor of their own the association would not trim or replace.

08 Apr 2019

If these are single family homes with land individually owned by the resident, no the HOA cannot just trim the trees unless the documents allow for that.

HOA may be able to fine owner for not properly maintaining the trees.

08 Apr 2019

If the Association's documents provide the right of abatement to the Association, there are definitely times when the association can go onto privately owned resident property and conduct maintenance work.  The documents and state law will dictate whether or not they have the authority to do so.  usually, most HOA's in Florida at least, have the ability to do so with proper notice.

06 May 2019