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Water Damage to Crawl Space

On Saturday, December 7, 2019 I was awoken by the gentleman who owns the condominium that I am connected to. He told me his crawl space was flooded and asked me to check my crawl space. Sure enough, my crawl space was completely full of water. He told me that his tenants had called him earlier in the week because they had received a citation from the city citing excessive water usage. He first pumped the water from his condo and then he pumped the water from my crawl space. The following day he was back placing fans and dehumidifiers in his crawl space and told me the leak was came from a common valve used by both homes but that it was fixed and that we were responsible for the damage to our homes. I am confused because once his tenants notified him of the leak ticket, he did not call me and tell me that the city suspected a leak on our property he then decided to wait 5 days before coming to check for the leak. Also after speaking with the Water Department I learned that the leak originated in September, 2019. The Water Depart has been waiting to hear from the HOA because the bill was typically 98.00 but in September it jumped to 1,136.00, in October to 1,630.00. November 1,954.00 and this month the bill was $2,686.40 w/ a total usage of 558,000 gallons. The Water Department also said that at the bottom of each bill there was a Leak Warning and could not figure out why nothing had been done. So they finally decided to post a citation on my neighbor's door to get someone's to pay attention. I have extensive water damage and believe the foundation should be checked since thousands of gallons of water have been pumped in the foundation. So who is responsible?

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